Nadine Goff is a native Madisonian. She grew up on the East Side and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a BS in Political Science. She’s worked in both the public and private sectors, as well as spending more than a decade as a journalist.

This photograph which I took one Easter Sunday was used (with my permission) in a Japanses ESL book.

Nadine’s photograph of a can of spinach was included in a Japanses ESL book.

Nadine loves sending and receiving handwritten notes.
Preferred airline seat: window
Favorite foods: raspberries and soft shell crabs
Most unusual writing assignment: legislative fiscal notes
Another unusual writing assignment: obituaries
Nobody knows: owns a large collection of hand tools
Nobody knows (part 2): would rather write code than play video games
Nobody knows (part 3) had a photo published in a Japanese ESL book
Preferred drink: water from a bubbler
Doesn’t own: a foam cheesehead
Does own: a lefse griddle
Recommended reading: “How to Lie with Statistics”
Collects: stamps on her passport
Go Badgers! Go Packers!