Nadine Headshot 7There are a few people out there with similar names, but I’m the Nadine Goff who has written and published more than 1000 news articles, reviews, and feature stories for local, regional, and national magazines and newspapers. In addition, I’ve written for B2B magazines; researched and written legislative fiscal notes and budget item narratives; created content for websites; and worked as an editor and copy editor. I also blog, teach people how to use social media, and find time to pursue my interests in visiting outsider/visionary art installations and exhibitions; researching local history; and mastering the art of making caramel sauce.

A Gemini who firmly believes in serial commas, I’m not fond of referring to myself in the third person, but do so on occasion. For instance, here’s what people can read on my LinkedIn profile:

Versatile, entrepreneurial COMMUNICATIONS AND MARKETING SPECIALIST with extensive experience writing, editing and creating custom content for both traditional print media and the Internet. Proven ability to translate complex topics into readable, appealing stories. Experienced journalist and feature writer with a penchant for in-depth reporting and a dedication to meeting deadlines. Accomplished information architect, skilled at using SEO techniques and keywords to attract traffic to websites and blogs. Strong supervisory and interpersonal skills. Accomplished public spokesperson and interviewer. Effective manager of budgets, internal and external relations. Solid photography and design skills.

Specialties: •Reporting and writing feature stories about travel, interior design, food, theater, history, historic preservation, and celebrity profiles •Blogging •Custom content creation •Developing web content and website architecture •Marketing